Live the Life you Imagined
and Have a Love Relationship
You Desire!

Are you longing for a fulfilling and rewarding love relationship?

Do you sometimes feel as if your life has no purpose?

Do you feel like nothing seems to go right? 

Are you stuck in a bad place or in an unloving marriage or partnership?

Maybe your life in general could be improved with heart felt guidance and  relationship advice.

Rise with me understands your struggles and would like to bring you comfort.  We know that life should be fulfilling and that relationships should be wonderful and filled with love.

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Rise with me can inspire, motivate and empower you to achieving the life you desire.

Rise with me can provide love relationship advice that can help you achieve closer and long lasting bond with your partner.

Rise with me can help you become all that God Created you to BE!

Rise with me can enable you to be a Co-Creator of an enriching life

Rise with me and learn to love unconditionally and how to resolve conflict

Rise with me and design the life you choose to have

Rise with me to heal, recover and rebuild

Rise to spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wholeness

Rise up, tune in, turn on to who you want to be. BE ALL!

Rise up, Build up your inner self and build a Successful Loving Relationship

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Yes, you can decide now to take control of your life, and choose to move forward and take action!

Yes, life in general will always have its difficulties, but through education, knowledge and mastering certain life skills, you will steadily improve, strengthen yourself and maintain your love relationship. You will be able to create a closer bond, that will lead to successful relationships and happiness in the future.

Use our resources to assist in your personal growth, to help in the healing process after a separation or divorce, with remarriage preparation, for support and relationship counseling, or simply educate yourself with our comprehensive love relationship advice. 

Learn more about loving your self, loving others, being truly happy and making this a better world for us all!

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What is the Purpose of Life

The purpose of life can begin with the simple desire to wanting to become the best that you can be!   Read more...

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Dealing with Depression after Divorce

Depression after Divorce can be the most debilitating experience one can ever have. Here are some constructive measures you can take to deal with depression after divorce and over come it


New Relationship Advice

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There are things you should know and do before starting a new Relationship.


So what is your love language?

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"The heart of what keeps a marriage successful is the necessity to be intimate and to be loved by your spouse".  You can do this by learning your spouse's love language".


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